Carolyn Fell in Love with Ann Arbor while Attending the University of Michigan

Carolyn Lepard is helping area residents tap into the spirit of Ann Arbor

After earning a bachelor of arts degree, she decided to become a permanent resident in this great community. Carolyn married and raised her four children here and today relishes those times when grandchildren come to visit. “I couldn’t imagine raising my family anywhere else but in Ann Arbor,” she says.

Carolyn, who loves to travel and has spent time in many cities around the world claims:
“What we have here in Ann Arbor is something I have yet to encounter anywhere else. It’s home.” For Carolyn, the best part of traveling is coming back to Ann Arbor. “I don’t know what it is,” she explains, “but if I’ve been away, just walking downtown or taking a brisk hike through the arboretum seems to recharge my batteries. It feels like a rejuvenating experience.” Carolyn calls it the spirit of Ann Arbor. “I’m sure this spirit is the reason why people are so happy to call this great area home,” she adds.